Let’s take a look under the Lid.

Hi, my name is Thomas Daskalovski, but everyone calls me dasko it’s much easier to remember, currently I’m 25 and have had an interesting life but for the most, i find myself grateful for what I have been given. That being said I have had my ups and downs, but for nearly my whole life I have written my surroundings into notebooks because I learnt to and plus I was into reading a lot more when I was younger and one of my first dream jobs was to be a writter.¬†With this we come to the point of this blog for me to put up some of the excerpts from these books that I’ve written(when I can find them that is) as well as some stuff I’ve come up with recently, but truthfully it’s just skittles in a blender, a lot of pretty colors in my head and me throwing it up on the page.

So come delve into the mind of saner mad man from the perspective of a salmon.