Give it a try….will you succeed 

Here are a few things that I don’t realize are strange as hell yet I do them day to day, not out of necessity, just because when I do them and explain them to people they should give it a try,  they first think I’m an idiot, sure enough every time I tell them I either see them or hear from them and they’ve tried them and it screwed with there head.

#1-opening the doorway to the beyond- next time you’re sitting in a room stare at an open corner of the room, like I mean really stare, focus every part of you into the very center of the corner. Now if you focus hard enough the wall will begin to open, now I understand what’s happening, but the moment it does you’re brain needs to take a double take and it will close. 

I swear I’m not crazy hahahaha.

#2-word picking- now this one doesn’t necessarily messes with you’re mind as it does with others. Next time you’re having a conversation with someone, you may start to notice that they use a certain filler word a lot, once you’ve found the word every time they say it just nod or smile, any form of positive affirmation will do. Funny thing is when you start doing it they start saying the word none stop it’s quite funny, I’ve done it for months to some people, here’s the kicker if you change it to negative they get real defensive, like I mean super quick. 

#3-man you a stalker- next time you’re out in public and about to yawn get ready because you Have to be quick, the moment you yawn quickly look around and see if anyone yawns. There is this sudden moment of internal hysterical laughter followed but an intense moment of WTF, like why the hell were they looking at me, is it because I’m looking good today or am I looking abit weird, probably the weirdness, hahahaha.

#4- hey look at me- now this one is similar to number three but is a bit harder for some, once again while you’re in public but this involves a sneeze, now my partner can a test to this because I do it so frequently see looks as well. The moment you sneeze you need to turn up the volume to eleven, like I mean nearly blow your face off and when it goes off it’s almost like a bomb. Watch everyone freak out, I did it once and a guy fell over, well worth a try.