A cold snap flows through the Queens’ head as she watches Jeremey’s blood fill the floor, “why oh why did you have to bring your son into this, oh well looks like I’m going to have to change plans” the mysterious man chuckled as he slowly pulled his sword from Jeremey’s stomach. The hooded man smiled as pulled up his sword and begun to clean the blade with the bottom of his cloak laughing to himself, the Queen starred deep into the shroud of his face, “why so glum are you trying to curse me, well too bad for you, my spell transformed you into, what would you call it, oh it’s on the tip of my tongue, dammit this is going to kill me, oh that’s right a turtle, and last time I checked turtles can’t speak” the hooded man said as he kicked the unconscious Jeremey to the ground. the Queen rushed over to her son and pulled him close, pushing hard on his wound as an attempt to stop the bleeding, small tears in her eyes begin to trickle down as  she stares at Jeremey’s face, he stares back at the Queen, reaches out his hand and touching her face “I’m sorry” he says as the last few moments of his life slips through his fingers. Jeremey is now lifeless in the Queens’ arms, a thick glaze of tears rolls down her face as she stares at the hooded man, “WHY” she screams in her head, but to her disbelief the hooded man is just standing there laughing, “Oww this is fun” he snickered, the hooded man begins to twist his hands back and forth as he mutters something under his breath, the Queen feels something on her face. Jeremey’s hand reaches up and strokes the Queens face “I’m sorry” he says as death once again consumes him. The Queen is now filled with terror, as the hooded man once again begins to twist his hands, “I could do this all day” he laughed, the hooded man brings Jeremey back to life over and over as the Queen must sit there and watch as her son dies over and over in her arms, each time harder to bear than the last. “well i think that’s enough fun for today” the hooded man sighs, he  begins to raise his hands and make a symbol with his fingers, a bright white light begins to consume Jeremey and in an instant he is gone, “don’t worry he won’t die, I’ve got plans that I can’t frankly be bothered changing so ill just keep him alive until they’re done, hmmm maybe ill drop him off the castle walls or even better faze him into the walls, so many options so much time” the hooded man says as he lifts all the blood out of the floor with a quick flick of the wrist. the hooded man squats before the Queen examining all of her features, pulling open her mouth, pulling back her eyelids “hmmm quite a good job I’ve done here, but once again I still can’t change people’s eyes, I’ve really gotta get on that, oh well” he said, the Queen now frozen with fear begins to move her claws from under the hooded man’s legs, with one quick strike she scratches at his face, scratching over and over, each claw going deeper and deeper into his face, the Queen is now filled with a white hot rage, “For Jeremey” she screamed  pushing the hooded man to the ground and begins beating on his head, the cold mist of blood spraying in her face. The hooded man now lays there, lifeless, carved open like a freshly skinned cow, the Queen stares down at her claws and the sudden realization of what she had down washed over her, the color drained from her skin as the Queen pushed herself away and coward in the corner. The Queen sat there covering her eyes in fear, then a soft clapping sound begins from across the room, as she pulled her hands down her face was met with sheer terror, the Hooded man’s once lifeless body was now clapping, a soft laughter begun to change to a hysteric burst as he jumped to his feet “well done, well done, I like the new you, so feral, so violent and what a pity, I was going to tell you how I changed you and who I was but after you scratched my beautiful face, I’m upset” he smirked as he wiped a fake tear from his face. “Well after that I frankly need to go have some fun with the rest of your family,” he said as he looked towards the Queen and with the flick of his wrist his once beaten and mishappened head was again covered in darkness and shrouded by his cloak, “oh and one last thing, enjoy the fall…… GUARDS THE BEAST IS ESCAPING!” the Hooded man screamed as he raised his leg and kicked the Queen through the wall, CRASH, the Queen was now falling off the side of the mountain top castle, the wind racing past her head, everything flying towards her, Splash, the Queen once Again is consumed by the darkness.

End of Part 4