Footsteps patter in the distance and begin to come closer as the Queen slowly regains consciousness her mind begins to circle and itch in her skull, “what is happening to me, what has done this to me?” she thinks, her claws scratch the stone on the floor as she begins to push herself up from the ground. A strong wish begins to slide over her with a great hesitation “hey, what do I look like” she said to the guard on watch, but with no response she begins to ask over and over with each word growing more higher than the last, the Queen is now screaming over and over “WHAT AM I”, her words fall on deaf ears. The guard turns and stares at the Queen he begins to yell “What are y….”, “NO TALKING TO THE BEAST” a voice shouts from down the hall, who was this voice she thought, why are they so hesitant to talk to me she pondered. With no help from the outside world the Queen searches for a way to see the beast she had become, she grabs her food bowl and begins to look for water, with her eyesight still blurry the Queen begins to scourer the cell, but her eyesight begins to fight her with every moment trying to focus the more her eyes begin to sting and burn, the Queen falls to her knees with her sight failing more and more with each passing second all hope was beginning to disappear with it, as she dragged her way towards her bed,a distant thud echoed over and over, as the Queen focused on the noise it started to become clearer, the roof in the cell next to her was dripping from the ceiling. The Queen inches over to the cell wall bowl in hand, she begins to push the bowl between the bars to collect the water, she places the bowl on the ground to save her strength and sits up watching the bowl slowly filling, with each drop of water that falls into the bowl more and more fear  fills the Queen’s mind, the Questions begin to swell in , do i want to see?, what if I can’t handle it?, am i truly a monster?, each question beginning to scratch and itch inside her skull, each drop begins to sting like arrows madness begins to creep in. Hours pass the Queen is now rocking back and forth, clutching her face muttering under her breath, with all these thoughts of doubt and fear rolling in hear mind, her sanity is begining to fade but from within the depths of her mind a song is beginning to rise, this song was sung to her as a child and she sang it to her children, the queen began to hum repeating the song over and over, with each completion the world begins to return to her. BANG, the queen is snapped out of her trance by the door being smack by a sword it was Jeremey he had been watching her for a few hours now, Jeremy opens the door and enters , the Queen rushes to the back of the cell in fear, “Talk” Jeremey yells with sword in hand, “it’s me” she replies crying with every muttered word. Jeremey sheaths his sword and crouched in front of the Queen, starring through her studying her every detail, the queen does not know what to do, she tries to speak but it seems he doesn’t care what she says, the Queen begins to mime to Jeremy, The queen points to Jeremey then her ears then to herself, Jeremey replies “You haven’t spoken the whole time you’ve been here”, with this information the Queen proceed to pretend to write on her hand, “Guard, bring me something to write with” Jeremey yells. The guard runs into the cell with parchment and a quill, a smile begins to carve its way into the Queen’s face, as she will finally be able to tell her son that she is the Queen, “leave us” Jeremy says to the guard as he leaves for the front of the dungeon, the Queen begins writing, telling Jeremey everything she remembers and that he must help her, the Queen hands the paper to Jeremey, as he begins to read the look on his face begins to show disbelief and anger, but all of a sudden his face changes and tears begin to form in the corner of his eyes as he looks up Jeremey says, “only you would call me Jamie, what happe….” a long blade pierces Jeremey armor and sticks into the ground before him, “I think you’ve heard enough” a mysterous voice says from behind Jeremey.

End Part .