Hey, everybody here is part two fo the mystery involving the queen, just to let you know I’m actual having a lot of fun with this.

A splash of cold lands on the Queens’ face, she is awoken by the warmth of her own breath, her body is shocked into life by the appearance of a dark figure before her, with her eyes sight still hazy and everything still out of focus she can bearly make out a single detail of this elusive presence before her. Queen Berry fights all terror and inches closer towards the figure but with every inch the weaker she became, as if some outside force was taking all the energy from her body, her legs were aching, her back was stiff she was frozen with pain but she must know who this figure is. Bang, her forehead hits the bars of the prison cell that until this moment she had completely forgotten about, as the wave of pain subsided the figure begun to speak, “are you ready to talk” it echoed, ” why have you done this to me, I am your queen” she replied. The dark figure begins to pace before the cell staring at the queen, watching her every move, judging her as if this figure was trying ever so hard not to kill her, it begins to move faster and faster, breathing heavier and heavier until out of now where it just stops and thrusts its hand between the bars and grasped the queen by her throat. Queen Bery tries to jump back but with no avail, the figure now had her, it begun to squeeze tighter while screaming questions over and over “Where is she, who are you, how did you get in the throne room” but little did this dark overwhelming force realise that the queen could not hear him, with every second the figure held on the darker everything became, the Queen could do nothing but hold on through the struggle and hope there was going to light on the other side. Just as everything began to fade and the last flicker of light was beginning to fade on the horizon of her gaze, words begin to circle in her mind, grower louder and louder with each syllable becoming clearer than the last, the Queens’ eyes snapped open, everything was no in focus she could see everything from the rust on the bars to the waterways down the hall, the words it was repeating were now coming through as clear as ever ” what have you done with my mother ” it was saying then as the queen looked towards the face of the dark figure it begun to fade. With each moment it became more apparent, the Queens eyes widened and begin to glass over as a wave of tears roll down her face the dark figure had been her son Jeremey all along, in this moment Jeremey stared into the Queens eyes and felt a familiar feeling invade his mind. Jeremey jumps back in terror and begins to run away from the cells pushing the city guard out of the way that had been watching the whole time, Queen Berry reaches for him as he leaves trying ever so hard to grab Jeremey, but alas in this moment the queen is struck with a lightning bolt of terror, for the first time since she had woken the Queen had seen her hands, she begins to scream as she looks towards her body, they had no skin only scales remained, what was once beauty and youth was now something that could only be told in nightmares. Out of nowhere a city guard screams ” shut up monster” and strikes th Queen in the head with the end of his spear, yet again the Queen is inveloped in darkness and floats down into the depths of slumber.


end of part 2.