Howdy, so this new type of post is just some of the short stories I’ve found in my notebooks, they’re in parts but don’t worry I will try my best to put the complete story up for your enjoyment here is part one of “Queen Berry: the pie is a lie“.

A sour taste roles over like a wave of death as Queen Berry bites into the apple pie that laid before her, as darkness drew in from the corner of her eyes, questions circled like crows, “who has done this, what was in that pie, am i going to die,” she muttered over and over as a hard punch of stone struck her as she hit the ground. Just as everything begins to fade voices circle around her, “where is the queen, guards seize her, close the gates,” they all echoed at once, growing louder and louder, each word cutting through the queen like a knife, then nothing, a sea of emptiness washes over her as she drifts deeper and deeper into nothingness. Smack she hits the floor, darkness begins to fade as the small sliver of light breaks through the curtain of sleep but remains just out of reach, “everything is out of focus” she thinks, the Queen begins to focus her eyes, trying to make out her surroundings, directly in front of her are bars “I must be in the dungeon” she said, as she feels around the fact becomes more apparent, Berry now resides in the castle prison, water dripping from the ceilings, the smell of death in the air, it was real she wasn’t dreaming. In this moment a wave of terror rolled over her it was burning her very soul, “HELP” she screamed almost to the point of her never being able to speak again, “I’m The Queen let me out” she continued but to no avail, no one was around, or maybe they just didn’t care, a cold tear rolled down her face as she once again joined the wave and accepted the darkness.

End part one.