Holy crap…. I’m an adult

Many men and women ponder the question, at what point do we become an adult, For many it is defined by the number of years you have wondered this planet, but in this can you really call yourself an adult, because truthfully who really knows how old we are, most of those who know are too close to see the painting for what it really is. Some few believe it’s not who you are but what you are, that the true definition of one’s stature is only defined by the actions we take, the finite decisions that completely affect everyone around you and how we compose ourselves in those situations, with this again we come to the same conundrum, who knows about these acts, and they don’t paint the whole picture.

With these two sides, we get to the chewy centre of the issue, at what point or moment do we become an adult, ladies, and gentlemen I have the answer. Let me paint you a picture, late afternoon, a young music enthusiast is setting up for a major music event that he’d been planning for a year, to play this event for hundreds of people, with excitement in his heart and a pep in his step he eagerly set up his gear and after a hard hour of work he was done. Then as he was about to put on a smooth track to sound check he hears a crash behind him, he quickly turns with terror, “god I hope that wasn’t my gear” he said  with a worried tone, as he turned he saw a small child pulling at one of his speaker stands, with a mellow tone “hey buddy watch out we wouldn’t wanna break it, or I won’t be able to play music“, with a cheeky smile the young boy runs to what could be guessed as being his mother(have I painted a picture for you, no, sorry i don’t have many crayons to work with). In this moment a storm appeared, the heavens parted, the world came to a stop, as the Dj looked around “what’s going on, am I a superhero” he muttered under his breath, then it happened, “sam, leave that man alone” she said, BAM, the skies cleared and everything went back to normal, but once everything appeared to go back to normality the boy had disappeared, poof, gone.

With this I give you the moral of the story, you could be pushing ninety, you could be a firefighter running out of a burning building, no matter what you do or who you are at the end of the day you will never be an adult until a complete stranger refers to you as a man or a woman. This is only true because they are just walking past the painting, they see the whole thing in mere seconds and they can make up their minds whether you’re a boy or  man, girl or woman, in just seconds this happens but it scares for a lifetime, because truthfully who the hell wants to be an adult.