Grasping to become ungrasped

Written in early 2012

Today I realised one Truth, mankind is born with three hands two to hold onto the world and one for the world to hold onto them, as we walk through life at first the third-hand goes unnoticed as a child this hand pushes us along helping us discover the world find new things and add them to our collection of memories while covering our eyes to the reality of life. Alas, this does not last forever as we as a person grows this third hand begins to let the reality in because as a true fact this hand does not grow it remains the same for our entire lives. The moment we are shown the light one of two things happen you either try to hide behind the hand trying to shield yourself from the light or you leave the hand behind, either one of these paths have both positives and negatives but no one can choose either path without discovering how life’s road will be coated, will it be coated smoothly but with massive pot holes or will it be rocky with speed bumps.

If one decides to shield themselves from the light using the hand this becomes harder then playing peek a boo using a chopstick but with this safety net nine times out of ten no light will be seen by the person and they can remain blissful for the most part. Sadly everyone knows life is not predictable even if you could see the future so that one time out of ten life is going to take that chopstick and eat its dinner while it watches you try and grab it back leaving you cowering in the corner second guessing everything you know like a kid lost in a supermarket.

On the second side if one decides to leave the hand behind you will be tested day after day for the rest of your life all because that bloody hand that you have left behind wants you back, one can not live in the world without the world trying to hold on, this hand constantly tries to pull you back down with its problems this intern keeps you in reality. think of it like a staircase every step you go up be it from a happy moment or a fond memory the hand with pull you back down one to keep you here in reality, with this in mind it is not a bad way to live because you have ups and downs more down when you really think about it. Truth in the fact this is the world getting a full grasp of you and it happens but this is merely a speed hump and they are short lived because we truly believe we don’t need the hand to live.

To be honest I have lived both ways and don’t like either one of the paths both of them cause you to rely on a greater power that in truth never really exists but everyone needs the world because without the world we might as well just be brains in beakers. after many years of going between these, I had a moment where what I thought was a speed bump was, in fact, a ramp that I was barrelling towards with a giant chasm beneath it. The moment I hit that ramp me as a person would go down into the chasm and become engulfed by the world and lose myself in it, or I could stick my hands out and try to grab the edge as I reach the other side and pull myself out of the chasm and go on living life. The truth is I fell and I fell hard and I had no choice the world had got me but as the light began to fade and my life began to flip through the choices whether to accept its fate or try to grab the wall, something happened, as I saw the end beneath me ready to accept it and await the hard smack of nothingness I felt something in my hands as I looked back I was punched hard in the stomach by that bastard of a third hand and in that moment my eyes were opened. Little did I realise that when I hit the ramp I wasn’t alone, turns out that my hands were holding onto my family, my friends every person I ever knew or loved and when I decided to fall, my choice would decide their fates as well, to make them fall with me. In this darkest moment, I have ever faced my mind was hit with a bolt of lightning causing me to come to a truth that i had been looking for my entire short lived life there is a third path we can take, not to hide behind the hand, or even try and run from it. The truth is that hand that I’ve been blabbering about is in fact just wanting  us to hold it and bring it with us because that hand is the hands of our family and friends mashed together into one and if one of person falls we all fall.

so what am I getting at with all this dribble, even though you won’t say it you love everyone that has touched your life, the more you run from the world AKA the third hand or try to use it as a shield you will one day be grabbed so hard you can’t breathe and the darkness will creep in. Learn to accept the third hand or the world and carry it with you.

At the end of the day, you are in fact the third hand for everyone else. 

Written, lost, found and rewritten  

By Dasko