The CUBE-Queen Berry:The Pie is a Lie #2

The CUBE-Queen Berry:The Pie is a Lie #2

Hey, everybody here is part two fo the mystery involving the queen, just to let you know I’m actual having a lot of fun with this.

A splash of cold lands on the Queens’ face, she is awoken by the warmth of her own breath, her body is shocked into life by the appearance of a dark figure before her, with her eyes sight still hazy and everything still out of focus she can bearly make out a single detail of this elusive presence before her. Queen Berry fights all terror and inches closer towards the figure but with every inch the weaker she became, as if some outside force was taking all the energy from her body, her legs were aching, her back was stiff she was frozen with pain but she must know who this figure is. Bang, her forehead hits the bars of the prison cell that until this moment she had completely forgotten about, as the wave of pain subsided the figure begun to speak, “are you ready to talk” it echoed, ” why have you done this to me, I am your queen” she replied. The dark figure begins to pace before the cell staring at the queen, watching her every move, judging her as if this figure was trying ever so hard not to kill her, it begins to move faster and faster, breathing heavier and heavier until out of now where it just stops and thrusts its hand between the bars and grasped the queen by her throat. Queen Bery tries to jump back but with no avail, the figure now had her, it begun to squeeze tighter while screaming questions over and over “Where is she, who are you, how did you get in the throne room” but little did this dark overwhelming force realise that the queen could not hear him, with every second the figure held on the darker everything became, the Queen could do nothing but hold on through the struggle and hope there was going to light on the other side. Just as everything began to fade and the last flicker of light was beginning to fade on the horizon of her gaze, words begin to circle in her mind, grower louder and louder with each syllable becoming clearer than the last, the Queens’ eyes snapped open, everything was no in focus she could see everything from the rust on the bars to the waterways down the hall, the words it was repeating were now coming through as clear as ever ” what have you done with my mother ” it was saying then as the queen looked towards the face of the dark figure it begun to fade. With each moment it became more apparent, the Queens eyes widened and begin to glass over as a wave of tears roll down her face the dark figure had been her son Jeremey all along, in this moment Jeremey stared into the Queens eyes and felt a familiar feeling invade his mind. Jeremey jumps back in terror and begins to run away from the cells pushing the city guard out of the way that had been watching the whole time, Queen Berry reaches for him as he leaves trying ever so hard to grab Jeremey, but alas in this moment the queen is struck with a lightning bolt of terror, for the first time since she had woken the Queen had seen her hands, she begins to scream as she looks towards her body, they had no skin only scales remained, what was once beauty and youth was now something that could only be told in nightmares. Out of nowhere a city guard screams ” shut up monster” and strikes th Queen in the head with the end of his spear, yet again the Queen is inveloped in darkness and floats down into the depths of slumber.


end of part 2.


The CUBE-Queen Berry: The Pie is a Lie #1

The CUBE-Queen Berry: The Pie is a Lie #1

Howdy, so this new type of post is just some of the short stories I’ve found in my notebooks, they’re in parts but don’t worry I will try my best to put the complete story up for your enjoyment here is part one of “Queen Berry: the pie is a lie“.

A sour taste roles over like a wave of death as Queen Berry bites into the apple pie that laid before her, as darkness drew in from the corner of her eyes, questions circled like crows, “who has done this, what was in that pie, am i going to die,” she muttered over and over as a hard punch of stone struck her as she hit the ground. Just as everything begins to fade voices circle around her, “where is the queen, guards seize her, close the gates,” they all echoed at once, growing louder and louder, each word cutting through the queen like a knife, then nothing, a sea of emptiness washes over her as she drifts deeper and deeper into nothingness. Smack she hits the floor, darkness begins to fade as the small sliver of light breaks through the curtain of sleep but remains just out of reach, “everything is out of focus” she thinks, the Queen begins to focus her eyes, trying to make out her surroundings, directly in front of her are bars “I must be in the dungeon” she said, as she feels around the fact becomes more apparent, Berry now resides in the castle prison, water dripping from the ceilings, the smell of death in the air, it was real she wasn’t dreaming. In this moment a wave of terror rolled over her it was burning her very soul, “HELP” she screamed almost to the point of her never being able to speak again, “I’m The Queen let me out” she continued but to no avail, no one was around, or maybe they just didn’t care, a cold tear rolled down her face as she once again joined the wave and accepted the darkness.

End part one.

Paradoxical Humour

So I was going through one of my old Philosophy notebooks and notice these weird excerpts of text, they’re mostly analogies to explain the different paradoxes we were learning and yes I know some of them are about the same thing but I frankly couldn’t be bothered organising them into sections. So here are some of the ones I found throughout multiple books and they’re fun for a browse through the last one is a little questionable.

  • In the words of Socrates “yes sir, i will teach you about apples, but I can’t teach you about fruit”. Each lesson learned is a new lesson that must be taught.
  • The more something scares you the more it must be done, except for clowns not going anywhere near them…..No way…….no……no……….no.
  • Man, this teacher is a butt plug, hmmm does that make him a buttplug. (the less one cares for others, the less they care for oneself).
  • The Earth added Mars on facebook, but yet still only talks to him once a year and in this moment the Earth realised that the more he tried to become connected the deeper his isolation he felt.
  • Skateboarder thinks he’s going to nutter butter on the rail, then Damn right he’s going to nutter butter on that goddamn rail. The more you look to failure the truer it becomes. 
  • Holy crap that dudes nose is huge…..owwww wait….. it’s mine. The more you hate something about someone the more you hate about yourself because you’re avoiding the mirror.
  • “No I will not let you hold my baby,” Jeremy said as he lit up a cigarette from behind his ear. The less we trust, the less we can be trusted.
  • Nobody likes, Nobody likes, Nobody likes a Try Hard (sung by some preppy dingleberry band from the mid-2000’s),  the more we try to impress the fewer people that are truly impressed by you.
  • GodDammit Russel why the hell can’t you setup my fricken mac you said that you knew how to use Linux, Windows and Mac. Bertrand Russel-“the more conviction someone holds to be the absolute truth the less the know on the subject”.
  • “Hmm, excuse me, sir, what ice cream flavours do you have,” Tim said to the clerk,”well we have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and bull feces, but I only have one scoop and I haven’t changed the water all day,” the clerk said. The paradox of Choice- the more options we are given the less each one appeals to us.
  • “but Jim I’m nothing but a square, I’m only two-dimensional how can anyone ever love something that is two dimensional,” Linda said, “Dammit I’m a cube, Linda, we were made for each other,” Jim proclaimed. The morale of the story, the more honest we are about one’s negatives  the more perfect we become in everyone’s eyes.
  • From now on all diamonds are now free, yes free, just look in your pockets, the thing that was once worth thousands is now free, what will you do with them, propose to your one true love, well, too bad she wants a salt ring now. Scarcity Paradox the more available things become the less we desire them.
  • A million dollars to the person who can move one of these rocks to the top of this building, Peter pushed towards the stairs inch by inch he made his way to the top, hours pass and Peter is a now a mere floor away from the finish, with no sign of the other competitor anywhere near him he pushed on, but as he peaked over the final step to see the finish line he noticed the elevator. The harder we strive for something the harder it becomes.
  • “How did he die?” claire asked, “faced his fears” Anthony Replied. “What were they and did he conquer them?” she asked, with a small snicker “he was afraid of dying” Anthony replied. The more fearful of death we become the less we live.

P.S I’m gonna keep an eye out for more in my other notes from school hopefully I can find a few more gems.

Holy crap…. I’m an adult

Many men and women ponder the question, at what point do we become an adult, For many it is defined by the number of years you have wondered this planet, but in this can you really call yourself an adult, because truthfully who really knows how old we are, most of those who know are too close to see the painting for what it really is. Some few believe it’s not who you are but what you are, that the true definition of one’s stature is only defined by the actions we take, the finite decisions that completely affect everyone around you and how we compose ourselves in those situations, with this again we come to the same conundrum, who knows about these acts, and they don’t paint the whole picture.

With these two sides, we get to the chewy centre of the issue, at what point or moment do we become an adult, ladies, and gentlemen I have the answer. Let me paint you a picture, late afternoon, a young music enthusiast is setting up for a major music event that he’d been planning for a year, to play this event for hundreds of people, with excitement in his heart and a pep in his step he eagerly set up his gear and after a hard hour of work he was done. Then as he was about to put on a smooth track to sound check he hears a crash behind him, he quickly turns with terror, “god I hope that wasn’t my gear” he said  with a worried tone, as he turned he saw a small child pulling at one of his speaker stands, with a mellow tone “hey buddy watch out we wouldn’t wanna break it, or I won’t be able to play music“, with a cheeky smile the young boy runs to what could be guessed as being his mother(have I painted a picture for you, no, sorry i don’t have many crayons to work with). In this moment a storm appeared, the heavens parted, the world came to a stop, as the Dj looked around “what’s going on, am I a superhero” he muttered under his breath, then it happened, “sam, leave that man alone” she said, BAM, the skies cleared and everything went back to normal, but once everything appeared to go back to normality the boy had disappeared, poof, gone.

With this I give you the moral of the story, you could be pushing ninety, you could be a firefighter running out of a burning building, no matter what you do or who you are at the end of the day you will never be an adult until a complete stranger refers to you as a man or a woman. This is only true because they are just walking past the painting, they see the whole thing in mere seconds and they can make up their minds whether you’re a boy or  man, girl or woman, in just seconds this happens but it scares for a lifetime, because truthfully who the hell wants to be an adult.

Four words from a ghost in the wind.

Written 2012 edited today-

What kind of person leaves gum on the sidewalk, I don’t know them, I don’t know their history but the sheer odds for me to step on this piece of discarded waste is astronomical, just thinking about it would send the butterfly effect through a loop and it would end up as some movie made by warner brothers, but as I grabbed the business card of a prospecting client out of my wallet to scrape this purple piece of perforated crap from my shoe a thought hit me, what else has a story and who would tell them. Isn’t that the problem with life we all just want someone to tell our story, for most it’s a child that you nurture to adulthood, some just confined in a friend, but most of the time it’s a random stranger that you meet in a strange crossing of paths, all of this happens due to one thought, “who is going to tell my story”, we contemplate this thought each day we live and breathe in this world. Even now when you think of it you have had this happen before or you were the one who was the storyteller, it is kinda funny how you and I don’t know this person any more than the piece of gum stuck to my shoe yet there is some fundamental part of our brain that wants to confide in strangers or give them a second to hear them out. Even though I’m calling you out I can’t blame you I love talking to people and hearing their story, it’s like expanding your horizons, seeing an unseen side of the billions of face that you scan and forget yet the moment you know a story of an individual they stick out like a beer in the fridge, you always know its there and its ready to drink whenever you need it.I often ask myself why the hell do you remember this stuff and what purpose do you have for keeping it in that thick skull of yours, well, frankly, I don’t know, there is no point to me knowing why you’re getting on the bus or why your buying five copies of the same DVD, I just want to hear your story, it helps both me and you, on one side you feel I’m invested and on the other I get to meet and see the real you. More times than I can think people around me have just given me time that they will never get back just to help me talk about what I’m getting through and it all starts with “hey, how’s it going”, hell friendships have started this way and a lot of them have lasted to this day, now that I think of it I’m even dating one of those conversations. This is where truth lies, yes I misspelled that for a reason because in these situations both truth and lies live in the same words, this person could be spitting out more lies than a politician or they could be pouring their souls out to you, because of this it is both beautiful and scary, a mystery that only you can solve but the clues you need only show when you give clues about yourself. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying go out and talk to every person you see because you’re asking to be killed, I’m just saying when you’re out walking or driving and you see someone that looks like they are having a bad go at things just stop and say “hey, how’s it going”.

At the end of the day you’re just a peice of gum stuck on the bottom of some ones shoe, until you get out of that comfort zone an help them solve the mystery of you they are just going to scrape you off with their business card and get on with their lives.

Now before i end this, i know this comes across as dribble and none coherent but I wrote this on a day when I was down in the dumps and was completely shut off from the world and it wasn’t until a complete stranger, a hero walking amongst men walked up and said “hey, how’s it going”, this unspoken badass even asked me if I wanted coffee, no he wasn’t hitting on me. Turns out his man was Peter a guy in his late fifties that lost his son to suicide many years ago, he was just walking to get lunch on his break from work and saw me there looking a little worse for wear and wanted nothing more than to hear my story, not to feel go for himself, or to have a story to post on facebook, it was just to do the one thing that can save anyone at any time, TALKING ABOUT IT. So if you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, self-doubt or any one of the million things that can get a person down it only takes four words to help that person through their day.

Kind regards


Grasping to become ungrasped

Written in early 2012

Today I realised one Truth, mankind is born with three hands two to hold onto the world and one for the world to hold onto them, as we walk through life at first the third-hand goes unnoticed as a child this hand pushes us along helping us discover the world find new things and add them to our collection of memories while covering our eyes to the reality of life. Alas, this does not last forever as we as a person grows this third hand begins to let the reality in because as a true fact this hand does not grow it remains the same for our entire lives. The moment we are shown the light one of two things happen you either try to hide behind the hand trying to shield yourself from the light or you leave the hand behind, either one of these paths have both positives and negatives but no one can choose either path without discovering how life’s road will be coated, will it be coated smoothly but with massive pot holes or will it be rocky with speed bumps.

If one decides to shield themselves from the light using the hand this becomes harder then playing peek a boo using a chopstick but with this safety net nine times out of ten no light will be seen by the person and they can remain blissful for the most part. Sadly everyone knows life is not predictable even if you could see the future so that one time out of ten life is going to take that chopstick and eat its dinner while it watches you try and grab it back leaving you cowering in the corner second guessing everything you know like a kid lost in a supermarket.

On the second side if one decides to leave the hand behind you will be tested day after day for the rest of your life all because that bloody hand that you have left behind wants you back, one can not live in the world without the world trying to hold on, this hand constantly tries to pull you back down with its problems this intern keeps you in reality. think of it like a staircase every step you go up be it from a happy moment or a fond memory the hand with pull you back down one to keep you here in reality, with this in mind it is not a bad way to live because you have ups and downs more down when you really think about it. Truth in the fact this is the world getting a full grasp of you and it happens but this is merely a speed hump and they are short lived because we truly believe we don’t need the hand to live.

To be honest I have lived both ways and don’t like either one of the paths both of them cause you to rely on a greater power that in truth never really exists but everyone needs the world because without the world we might as well just be brains in beakers. after many years of going between these, I had a moment where what I thought was a speed bump was, in fact, a ramp that I was barrelling towards with a giant chasm beneath it. The moment I hit that ramp me as a person would go down into the chasm and become engulfed by the world and lose myself in it, or I could stick my hands out and try to grab the edge as I reach the other side and pull myself out of the chasm and go on living life. The truth is I fell and I fell hard and I had no choice the world had got me but as the light began to fade and my life began to flip through the choices whether to accept its fate or try to grab the wall, something happened, as I saw the end beneath me ready to accept it and await the hard smack of nothingness I felt something in my hands as I looked back I was punched hard in the stomach by that bastard of a third hand and in that moment my eyes were opened. Little did I realise that when I hit the ramp I wasn’t alone, turns out that my hands were holding onto my family, my friends every person I ever knew or loved and when I decided to fall, my choice would decide their fates as well, to make them fall with me. In this darkest moment, I have ever faced my mind was hit with a bolt of lightning causing me to come to a truth that i had been looking for my entire short lived life there is a third path we can take, not to hide behind the hand, or even try and run from it. The truth is that hand that I’ve been blabbering about is in fact just wanting  us to hold it and bring it with us because that hand is the hands of our family and friends mashed together into one and if one of person falls we all fall.

so what am I getting at with all this dribble, even though you won’t say it you love everyone that has touched your life, the more you run from the world AKA the third hand or try to use it as a shield you will one day be grabbed so hard you can’t breathe and the darkness will creep in. Learn to accept the third hand or the world and carry it with you.

At the end of the day, you are in fact the third hand for everyone else. 

Written, lost, found and rewritten  

By Dasko 


Don’t let others read….. On second thoughts.

Along time ago (well to me it was along time ago) a wise man told me “that ever man women and child even if they were sane, deranged, smart or slow everyone needs to process their thoughts into writing. Be it on the napkin of their last drink or even in the middle of a research paper due the next day, if everyone took five minutes out of the meat grinder they could find their place in the universe and once again find a flow to feeling perfect”. With these wise words in mind ever since that moment i would write down everything that was going on be it, writing down that my teacher was being an asshat in detail or writing a short story about a cat that was really a dog but deep down really was a horse it didn’t matter to me just the feeling of the pen or pencil or crayon or texta in my hand writing out my worries or triumphs it made my mind at easy. But in keeping with the clause  that my sensei set before me when he bestowed this wisdom on me “for this technique to work you may never boast or search for gratification from anyone who isn’t you, these notes you write or draw are your own and thus will never be wrong nor right”, i never showed anyone or ask anyone if this sounds cool (i was 16 at the time give me a break) and these notes became a secret, a little oasis in a world that was defined by me, if i wanted to write a speech being spoken by someone who can’t use the letter A i would do that or ponder the question was it the colour orange that was named first or was it the fruit (i later found out that it indeed was the fruit) i didn’t care the only one who was going to read it was me. These notebooks would last about a month then i would purposely lose them, be it chucking them in a box full of other random items or chucking it in a suitcase that i never use,  i did this because out of the blue i would find these books months even years later down the track and it would be a small time capsule into the mind of a mad man aka ME it really put everything in perspective but after i read them a second time nine times out of ten i would throw them away never to be seen by mortal eyes again unless some how a piece of it has been recycled into your printing paper then Ssssssshhhhhhhhh keep it to yourself. Now you’re probably wondering to yourself if he does this then why the hell is he putting it on the most open source ever known or maybe you’re  just saying MEH!!!! with a loud shrug of the shoulders and with a roll of the finger you will never hear from me again, the truth is I’m not putting up all the things i write down because the truth of the matter is i don’t know you and everyone has secrets, also i don’t just write them down in books i also right on everything and anything so i lose a lot of them. The point of this blog………(sorry i just threw up a little because i would never have really done this if it wasn’t for a certain something that will remain nameless) is for me to bring you highlights and general banter i have with Thomas(my saner self) in an effort to one day maybe help someone who just needs to balance on the line between sanity and losing oneself to the dark side( yes i just used a star wars quote i am a geek get used to it).

I close this with a thank you for taking the time to read this because we all don’t have a lot of time in this world and i can’t believe you have given me some of yours.

Kind regards